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My Top 10 Favourites (December/January)
  Newish dances
Pick of the Vault
(both being done & gracefully retired)
1. Changed - Mark Simpkin
I Remember - Tracie Lee
2. Help Me, Help Me - Travis Taylor & Bill Larson
The Fifth Wish - Peter Fry
3. Beautiful in My Eyes - Simon Ward
What if I Said - Brett Jenkins
4. Night Riders Lament - Glover & Larson
Someone 2 Love - Tim Gauci
5. This Ole Boy - Rachel McEnaney
Birmingham - Karen Jennings
6. The Flute - Maggie Gallagher
Desperado - Elliott & Vera-Lobos
7. Last Time Waltz - Gordon Elliott
Walk on Air - Michael Vera-Lobos
8. Satisfied - Linda Burgess
Michael's Two Step - Terry Hogan
9. Always on Your Side - Linda Burgess
Champagne on Ice - Michael Vera-Lobos
10. When Will I Be Loved - Gordon Elliott Cha Cha Lengua - Neil Hale

New dances are those that I've learnt within the past year. What makes a great dance? The music is prolly the most important thing - the music makes or breaks a dance. A great track will make up for average or even poor choreography, but a song I dislike will turn even a brilliantly choreographed dance into something I'll walk off the floor for (and I speak for all dancers there!). Another must - the dance has to fit the music. Not necessesarily phrasing but the feel & emphasis in the music. Then there's the choreography. A good dance is one where the dance flows, there're no awkward turns or weight changes and the steps seem to flow naturally given your centre of mass, feet position, body momentum and how ya have yer weight distributed on ya feet. A quick look at the dances that have hung around for more than a few months and still get the numbers on the floor show they almost all have great songs (with a good beat & not too long or short) and tidy choreography. And despite the deluge of pop, hip hop, latin and who knows what else, dances done to good country tracks are the ones that hang around forever.

My pick - Dance of the Year:
*The* Dance Always on Your Side - Linda BurgessSatisfied - Linda Burgess
Last Time Waltz - Gordon ElliottBeethoven Boogie - Gordon Elliott
Open Help Me, Help Me - Travis Taylor & Bill LarsonSatisfied - Linda Burgess
Foreign dance The Flute - Maggie GallagherAlabama Slammin' - Rachael McEnaney
Choreographer Simon WardLinda Burgess

2009: Let's Swing - Terry Hogan (the dance), Let's Swing - Terry Hogan (Impr./Beg.), You'll Find Better Love - Stephen Paterson (int.), My New Life - John Offermans (foreign).
2008: Break Each Others Heart - Michael Vera-Lobos (the dance), I Only Want to be With You - Linda Burgess (Impr./Beg.), Moments - Brett Jenkins (int.), Out of the Blue - Luke Watson (foreign).
2007: Champagne on Ice - Michael Vera-Lobos (the dance), White Lightning - Maureen Reynolds (Impr./Beg.), Someone 2 Love - Tim Gauci (int.),  Champagne on Ice - Michael Vera-Lobos (waltz)Before the Devil Knows - Gordon Elliott (floor filler),  Tim Gauci (choreographer),  White Lightning - Maureen Reynolds (Hidden star).
2006: Michael's Two Step - Terry Hogan (the dance), Sweet Little Lisa - Rosalie Mackay (Impr./Beg.), Hicktown - Iain & Lyn Booth (int.), Falling Again - Kelvin Dale & Sam Dixon (adv), nothing that impressed me!  :( (waltz), Come Tomorrow - Michele Perron (foreign), I Gotta Brand New Girlfriend - Tim Gauci (floor filler),  Carl Sullivan (choreographer), Hicktown - Iain & Lyn Booth (Hidden star).
2005: Birmingham - Karen Jennings (the dance), Save the Last Dance - Lyn Booth (Impr./Beg.), What if I Said - Brett Jenkins (int.),  The Fifth Wish - Peter Fry (adv), Lord & Master - Brett Jenkins (waltz),  Live Your Dream - Dee Musk (foreign),  Another Day - Trent & Narelle Duncan (floor filler),  Brett Jenkins (choreographer), Wildcat - John Hughes (Hidden star).

2004: Desperado - Elliott & Vera-Lobos (the dance), You've Got No Heart - Rosalie Mackay (Impr./Beg.), Beautiful Senorita - Rosalie Mackay (int.),  She Believes in Me - Maureen Reynolds (adv), The Meaning of Love - Teresa & Vera (waltz),  Slow Burn - Hunyadi & Robinson (foreign),  I Remember - Tracie Lee (floor filler),  Rosalie Mackay (choreographer).

2003: Travelin' Soldier - Ward & Glover (the dance), We're From the Country - L.Burgess (Impr./Beg.),  I Remember - Tracie Lee (int.), What Makes a Man - Brett Jenkins (adv), Moonlight - Tom Glover (waltz), Brokenheartsville - Peter Metelnick (foreign), Someone Like You - M.Vera-Lobos (floor filler), Love Will Find a Way - M.Reynolds (hidden star),  Brett Jenkins (choreographer).

2002: Movin' On - Snooke & Newell (the dance),  Speak to the Sky - Keith Davies (Impr./Beg.),  Walk on Air - Michael Vera-Lobos (int.), Like it or Lump it - Simon Ward (adv), Movin' On - Snooke & Newell (waltz), Evergreen - Karen Hunn (foreign), Shakira - Simon Ward (floor filler), Michael Vera-Lobos (choreographer).
My Favourite of the Year:
 Waltz Across Texas  Lois & John Nielson
 Quando When Quando    Vera Fisher & Teresa Lawrence      1998  
 Red Hot Salsa  Christina Brown    1999
 When you Walked in  Peter Fry    2000
 Best Intentions & Here's Hoping  Tracie Lee; Terry Hogan.    2001 - tied
 Movin' On  Paul Snooke & Cierwen Newell    2002
 Travelin' Soldier  Simon Ward & Madison Glover    2003
 G.Elliott & M.Vera-Lobos
 Karen Jennings    2005
 Michael's Two Step
 Terry Hogan    2006
 Champagne on Ice   Michael Vera-Lobos    2007
 Break Each Others Heart  Michael Vera-Lobos    2008
 Let's Swing  Terry Hogan    2009
   ... off the floor all year :(   ...    2010

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