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Aussie Dance Sheets (Australian Line Dance Stepsheets)
Aussie Travelogues (places & events around Oz)          
Australian Council of Diverse Worlds (A sf&f zine I used to edit. 1990-1996)
Bilton Ancestry (Family history of my wife's maternal line & associated surnames)
Our Estes-Eastes Heritage (LeRoy Eastes) Redirected from
Genealogy Surname Interest List
Historic Sites of the Blacktown area
Line Dancing (Bootscootin' Western Sydney) 
Rants and Raves (Taken from email discussions. No longer maintained)
Tilkal (Journal of Tol Harndor, Oz smial of the Tolkien Society. No longer maintained)
Tol Harndor (Homepage of Tol Harndor, Oz smial of the Tolkien Society. Now Defunct)
Travelogues (my visits to the USA, England & Canada in the 1990s)
Wedding Photo Album

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