Rants and Raves - thoughts of the day

In the course of life (and emailing) one frequently ends up ranting and raving about some particular subject. What follows is a bunch of some R and R's of my own. Not necessesarily deep and meaningful, but since I've typed them up I might as well leave something for posterity (or the reverse). They are just musings so I make no claim for their originality (in fact some are just abstracts from other sources) nor their accuracy - they are just subjects that have caught my interest. As for their content, well they are mostly of a religious bent, since I'm that way inclined myself, but they do cover a range of other topics and even the religious stuff does incline to be a trifle heretical from time to time. If any of the ideas here offend your sensibilities, well you have been warned. We are all entitled to our own opinions, no matter what others may think of them. As that great wise man, Anonymous, once said, that's life.

Archaeology & the early Old Testament:
Summary and commentary on Charles Pellegrino's
Return to Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • Part I: Introduction and "From Creation to an Early Grave"
  • Part II: Voyagers - From Abraham to Moses
  • Part III: The Exodus and the Radiers with the Lost Ark
  • Part IV: Rape and Pillage - the Conquest of Canaan
  • Part V: Origin reprise and the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Part VI: Thoughts and Second Thoughts

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